for steel industry

We offer a wide range of rollers for the Steel Industry and work with major OEMs and leading Steel Manufacturers.

Our rollers are aimed at enhancing the quality & performance of your machines.

Rollers for Steel Industry

  • New Roller Fabrication
  • Repair of all roller areas
  • Recoating Rolls with new coating
  • Two plane Dynamic Balancing
  • Crowning and roll profiling
  • Rough Ra, Super finishing of rollers
  • Grooving with different parts

And other rollers related works as per requirement ..

Capacity for Rollers Manufacturing for Steel Industry

  • 500+ rollers per month
  • Coated Diameter – 2500 mm (2.50 ,mtrs)
  • Coated Length – 11000mm (11 mtrs)
  • Roller Weight – Upto 40 tons
  • Dynamic Balancing – upto 50 tons job weight

Rollers Coatings

We offer all types of rollers and Roll coatings for various requirements of steel industry

  • Rubber Coating ( All types of elastomers)
  • Hard Chrome Coating
  • Tungsten Carbide Coating

Roller coverings for Steel Processing

Applicator Roll Special Purpose Rubber coated for sheet coating application
Accumulator Roll Rubber Coated
Bridle Roll For speed regulation – Rubber / HC or TC coated
Sealing Roll Rubber coated for acid resistance
Leveller Roll Hard Chrome induction hardened, scratch-free for the final application
Tension Stand Roll Rubber coated for tension relieving / maintaining
Printing Roll Rubber coated for a computer-controlled inkjet printer for steel printing
Feeder Roll Hard chrome induction hardened used at the entry of steel sheets
Immersion Roll Rubber coated roll immersed in acid
Skinpass Roll Hard Chrome mirror finished, induction hardened for dimension control
Steering Roll During grinding of steel sheet rubber coated with grooves
Pinch Roll Rubber coated for impact application
Shot Blasting Roll Rubber coated for removal of oxide layer on steel sheet / slabs
P.P. Rolls For steel plate in HR rolling process

Rollers For Steel Industry

Accumulator Roll
Applicator Roll
Backup Rolls (Solids)
Bridle Rolls
Calendar Rolls
Contact Rolls
Chromate Rolls
Coil Expander Rings
Guide Rolls
Feed Rolls
Idler Rolls
Hold-down Rolls
Table Rolls – Solid and Coated
Laminatin Rolls
Layon Rolls
Passline Rolls
Pinch Rolls
Printing Rolls
Oiler Rolls
Snubber Rolls
Scoring Rolls
Sink Rolls
Support Rolls
Tension Stand Rolls
Squeeze and Seal Rolls
Work Rolls and more…….

Rollers Hot and Cold Rolling Lines

Cold Mills
Annealing Line
Cleaning Section
Skin pass line
Slitting lines
Tension Leveling
Cut to length lines
Galvanizing lines
Electrolyic Lines
Coil color coating lines
Corrugation profile making lines