Rollers for Paper Industry

Ashoka Rolls advanced rubber material technology lets us maximise the performance of a production line, forming, pressing, drying and finishing section. Our roll covers are based on state-of-the-art polymer and latest technologies that provide excellent wear resistance, stable roughness & hardness and durability in demanding operating environment enabling trouble-free roll run period.

We provide rolls for

  • Forming section
  • Press section
  • Dryer section
  • Coating and sizing
  • Calender grinding
  • Reeling and winding

Forming section

  • Breast roll
  • Couch roll
  • Forming roll
  • Lump breaker roll
  • Table roll
  • Wire roll
  • Wire suction roll
  • FDR roll

Press section

Our rollers provide high surface stability, no marking, sufficient nip and high wear resistance

Our Press section rollers range from economical rubber covers for less demanding application to the toughest roll covers providing the most efficient dewatering technology

  • Jumbo press - Blind drilled roll
  • Center press roll
  • Top press roll
  • Felt guide roll
  • Suction press roll
  • Vented or grooved press roll


  • Felt roll
  • Dryer paper guide roll
  • Touch roll
  • Spreader roll
  • Paper lead roll

Coating and sizing

We manufacture high quality film press covers & size press covers. The film sizing & film coating process has direct impact on paper & board quality, paper strength and paper appearance.

Our sizer roll covers produce excellent paper quality due to uniform coat weight & reducing skipping, splashing or misting of sizer rolls.

  • Coater applicator roll
  • Backing roll
  • Size press roll hard
  • Size press roll soft
  • Film press roll

Calendar rolls grinding

  • Calendar hard coating for single nip & multi nip (plain & Custer).
  • Soft nip calendar
  • Chilled roll.

Reeling and winding

  • Reel spool roll (Tambour roll)
  • Reel drum hard & soft roll.